Who we are


Shield Medical with a vision of “We Build smiles” does highly achieve and maintain its vision with young and dynamic professionals conversant in diverse aspects of Healthcare products, marketing and trading have been the foundational to the healthcare sector of Sri Lanka.

This Shield Medical team, young and dynamic but well-known in healthcare sector of Sri Lanka as who has the capability, experience and power to handle Sri Lanka market in any competitive environment with dedication and positive focus to achieve its objectives that will line with our corporate Mission. “To make Shield Number One Brand in Healthcare Sector of Sri Lanka”

We represent several public listed manufacturers around the globe which have created Win–Win business situation for both parties and looking forward to launch new business in Sri Lanka under healthcare to benefit and create a victory situation for new players who are looking to enter into the healthcare market in Sri Lanka.

We highly respect and value natural laws of business and expect new and old business partners to be loyal towards Shield vision “We Build Smiles” and then to our Mission “To make Shield Number One Brand in Healthcare sector of Sri Lanka” for a positive progress & a proactive business partnership. Admiring viewers who are visiting our web-site, Shield Medical expects more ventures in to healthcare sector of Sri Lanka in coming years through Shield subsidiary which will introduce Medical manufacturing using world’s newest technology & methods, from that subsidiary to the first Sri Lankan revolving Restaurant in town.

Our focus is true & pure, we are anticipating same from our partnerships and viewers.

Shield Group Corporate Values

  • Harmlessness - to refrain from intentionally taking the life of any living creature.
  • Trustworthiness - to refrain from taking anything that is not given
  • Chastity - to refrain from misbehaving alone or with others or act in an indecent or unfaithful manner.
  • Right Speech - to refrain from false, abusive, malicious or dis-harmonious speech and worldly gossip.
  • Sobriety - to refrain from taking intoxicating drinks or drugs & smoking

Group Core Business Principles

The Shield Group is committed to five Core Business Principles

  1. Outstanding customer service
  2. Timely achievement through effective & efficient operations.
  3. Through continuous development, sustain a dynamic, motivated & professional team to achieve corporate goals
  4. Strong capital and liquidity
  5. Strict expense discipline

Through loyal and committed employees who making lasting customer relationships and whose international teamwork makes it easier to achieve these.

Managing For Growth

In our strategy, 'Managing for Growth', We outline our mission - to make SHIELD no:1 in the healthcare sector of Sri Lanka. We want to be the first choice for our customers and for our employees. if SHIELD can be the best place for our customers, and the best place to work, we would have built a sustainable business that will deliver long term benefits for our customers, colleagues, shareholders and society at large. To achieve the ambition, we have articulated seven 'global pillars' - the actions will help grow SHIELD to be one of the fortune 100 companies based on the concept of recommendation, both as a place to work and a place to do business.

Our profile would not be complete if we do not place on record something unique in us. We are not only suppliers to our major clients, but on occasions we have been also gentle advisors to them. When sensitive issues in supply of surgical products arose, there were instances where we offered our sincere advice to them and these were gladly accepted. This is something unique to us and we are certain that not very many of our competitors enjoyed this luxury.

Shield wishes to think you for your valuable time in perusing our profile. If you are satisfied with what you read and if you are really interested in becoming a valued business partner, please contact us.

Our Vision

We Build Smiles

Our Mission

To position SHIELD as the No 1 brand in the healthcare sector of Sri Lanka